Module tanya.encoding.ascii

Functions operating on ASCII characters.

ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange.


isAlpha(c) Checks for an alphabetic character (upper- or lowercase).
isAlphaNum(c) Checks for an alphabetic character (upper- or lowercase) or a digit.
isASCII(c) Checks for a 7-bit ASCII character.
isControl(c) Checks for a control character.
isDigit(c) Checks for a digit.
isGraphical(c) Checks for a graphical character.
isHexDigit(c) Checks for a hexadecimal digit.
isLower(c) Checks for a lowercase alphabetic character.
isOctalDigit(c) Checks for an octal character.
isPrintable(c) Checks for a printable character.
isPunctuation(c) Checks for a octal character.
isUpper(c) Checks for an uppecase alphabetic character.
isWhite(c) Checks for a whitespace character.
toLower(c) Converts c to lowercase.
toUpper(c) Converts c to uppercase.


LetterCase Letter case specifier.

Global variables

digits immutable(char[]) 0..9.
fullHexDigits immutable(char[]) 0..9A..Fa..f.
hexDigits immutable(char[]) 0..9A..F.
letters immutable(char[]) A..Za..z.
lowercase immutable(char[]) a..z.
lowerHexDigits immutable(char[]) 0..9a..f.
octalDigits immutable(char[]) 0..7.
uppercase immutable(char[]) A..Z.
whitespace immutable(char[]) Whitespace, Horizontal Tab (HT), Line Feed (LF), Carriage Return (CR), Vertical Tab (VT) or Form Feed (FF).